Ready to guide certified divers, assisting courses and learn everything about been a PADI profesional. here's the details of our programs.


Divermaster PADI course with our "Lifestyle Internship" programs is one of the most modern and popular style of courses on the professional diving.
You will learn all the esencial about the role and duties as a PADI Divemaster.
With professional and experienced instructors, you will experience and amazing international vibe with Divemaster candidates from all over the world.
Doesn't matter if you are certified diver or not, y you any experience or not, here you will get all of that and more.


Divemaster Lifestyle package includes: 
PADI O2 provider
PADI Equipment Specialist 
PADI Basic Freediver
Divemaster Crewpack
All PADI Materials and Certification costs
First Year PADI Membership
Optional "Working Inernship"
1 Year Indepths Annual IDEC plus pro Level
Free Discover Reef Check Workshop
-Unlimited diving during the course-

Lifestyle Package "Zero to Hero"

Divemaster Lifestyle package zero to hero include:
PADI Open Water Course PADI Advanced Open Water Course
EFR "First Aid" Course - PADI Rescue Diver Course
And your first professional course
Have thought about getting into diving as a professional and you feel ready to start from the very beginning?
We will make sure you have the best training all the way from the start.

Unlimited Diving during your course!

Price of this Package  84,500 THB
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Lifestyle Package Advance to Divemaster

After finishing your first step on the wonderful world of diving, and now as an Open Water diver you ready for this lifestyle package, all the way from PADI Advance Open Water.
Starting with the 2 days of the Advance Open Water Course, where you would have the opportunity to go deep to about 30mts, maybe a night dive, you will decide.
Will continue with the EFR and PADI Rescue Course, by then taking advantage of free dives, well you will be ready to get orientated.
Get your PADI Divemaster Course rolling.

Unlimited Diving during your course!

Cost of the package 76,500 THB
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Lifestyle Package Rescue to Divemaster

PADI Advance Diver done, ready for the Rescue Diver course and build dives and confidence, you will need 40 dives in your logbook to start your PADI Divemaster Course.
After finishing the Rescue Diver course, you will have plenty time to explore the dive sites while enjoying fun dives.
Then, we will start your Course with an orientation giving you every detail about this course.

Unlimited Diving during your course!

Cost of the Package 68,500 THB
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Lifestyle Package Divemaster Course

PADI Rescue Diver course done and having all you need to start well, now is time to start your PADI Divemaster Course.
Ready to learn all about the first step as a professional diver, in the Lifestyle Program.
You will learn how to teach many different PADI programs, how to guide certified divers and so much more earning the first Pro PADI level as a professional with the PADI Divemaster course.

Unlimited Diving during your course!

Cost of the Package 54,500 THB
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 Basic Divemaster Course

The basic PADI Divemaster course is a simple way to do it, where you could dive as much as you can only while you complete your certification.
It does'n include all the additional costs like, PADI Membership, PRO diving insurance or any diving accessories, ( Compass, SMB, guide book, etc...)
Price 30,000 THB (Not include DM Crew pack)
37,000 THB (DM Crew pack Include)

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