Come and make your dream come true, and learn how to make other people's dream come true! Ready for you Instructor course?

Ready for your PADI Instructor course? We'll give you the details here..

Let's start your PADI IDC

It's about time you make the decision, want to come and learn all about the PADI Standards after your finish your Divemstaer course.
With Crystal Dive Resort and Jalapeño diving will asure your decision was the right one to make and help you through it.
The Course takes 2 weeks , starting with a couple days of reviewing the Divemaster theory prior the start of the IDC. Also 2 days of the Instructor Examination after completing the course.
You are a PADI Divemaster and want to get your instructor course done, or maybe you haven't got there yet. Well, we have many options for you to complete your courses with our

Paquete IDC Lifestyle

PADI Divemaster Course - PADI Equipment speciality course
Divemaster crew pack and all the educational Materials
First year of PADI Memebership fee - Optional  “Working Internship”
One year of Diving Insurance - Unlimited Diving during your course!
 IDC theory prep - Instructor Course - PADI O2 Provider course
O2 provider Instructor Course - EFR Instructor (Care for Children)
IDC Crew Pack and Educational Materials
PADI Fees Included IDC/IE ( EFR AND O2)
1 Team teach after finishing IDC course (teaching status received)
Free lunches during your PADI Instructor Course.

"PADI Open Water to IDC"

Haven't got a Diving certification yet, but want to change your life, have a new career and been thinking about becoming a Scuba diving PADI Instructor.
Here's what it takes to go all the way, you will start with the PADI Open Water Course, which it takes 4 days. Then after that let's build confidence in the water with the PADI Advance Course, it only takes a couple days but the benefit it's big.
After that, let's take advantage of the Free dives that you get during your course with our Lifestyle packages and feel more comfortable building your numbers of dives. Feel ready? let's get into the "serious fun" PADI Rescue diver course along with the EFR ( First Aid ).
We need 40 log dives to start your divemaster and 100 for your instructor course, besides that a pre-requisite to start the IDC is that you have to be a certified diver for a period of 6 months or more, so? why not, lets keep diving while we finish the Divemaster course and after 6 month you will be ready.
Price of the Package 180,000 THB

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"PADI Advance Course to IDC"

Finish the Open water course, but you feel wasn't enough and now want to change your life and go all te way.
PADI Advance course get's done in two days, learn navigation tecniques, go deep to 30 Meters, improve your buoyancy and maybe a night dive.
You will get to the next step, EFR and Rescue course, which it takes 4 days, build your awareness and confidence to prevent any incidents, want to feel better in the water? Well, get some dives done before this course, remember "you have all dives included during the course".
What's next? yes, you right, the PADI Divemaster course to introduce yourself into the profesional diving industry, follow by your PADU Instructor Course.
Price of this Package 172,000 THB

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PADI Rescue Course to IDC

Serious fun, thats how the PADI rescue diver is well known, to continue your education before jumping into the Divemaster course and Instructor Course .
For the rescue course and the EFR ( First Aid )It will take about 3 1/2 days, after that, or before if you feel like it, you can do some fun dives, as many as you want to. it will get you more experience in the water.
To continue with your Orientation of your Divemaster course and right after that enrol in the PADI Instructor course to begin the dream life learning all about been a good instructor.
Price of the Package 163,000 THB

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PADI Divemaster to Instructor Course

A new world of underwater adventures as a PADI professional is waiting for you, finish the rescue course and feel ready to become a Divemaster, and of course continue with the PADI Instructor Course.
Here in Crystal dive Resort with Jalapeño Diving we have the best Lifestyle Diving Programs, 4-6 weeks to finish your Divemaster and get ready for the IDC.
Come and learn how to teach people Dive and introduce them into a new and wonderful underwater world.
The PADI IDC Course takes about 3 weeks, which include 2 days of prep theory and the 2 days of your Instructor Exam.

Price of the Package : 152,000 THB

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PADI "IDC" Instructor Course

It is a lifestyle, the beach, ocean, sunset and the underwater world, come and start doing what you love as a part of your profession.
Come and start the dream life as a PADI Instructor with Jalapeño Diving and Crystal Diver Resort.
With the IDC PADI Instructor course you will learn all the skills and steps of every single PADI Diving Course, Classroom presentations, Pool and Open water Presentations and more.
The Course takes 2 weeks , starting with a couple days of reviewing the Divemaster theory prior the start of the IDC. Also 2 days of the Instructor Examination after completing the course.
Price of IDC 39,900 THB

* This Price doesn't include the IDC Crew pack, any educational materials or PADI Fees.

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Courses in English or Spanish, you let us know and we will arrange everything for you, learn wiht an international twist. Have any questions? Email us.